SiteLock would be a service offered by several well-known web providers. Many of them seem to have licensing agreements using SiteLock. One business that has cooperated using them was Hostgator. SiteLock appears to be an important partner for all EIG-owned website host providers As a result, there was a strong possibility you’ve read of them first. Your blog may have been hijacked, or the server may have informed you their membership has already been stopped. Typically, companies will need you to acquire SiteLock to assist protect personal files. Should we buy SiteLock right away, or will it be a waste of time & money?  Inside this essay, I intend to educate you on all you require to understand SiteLock to determine whether or not something is appropriate for the blog.

What Is The Process Of SiteLock?

You join up using their homepage, or the website host business would give you a hyperlink to do so. The integration of SiteLock onto the blog can require upwards of 24 hrs to complete. Whenever there was an issue, you would be notified. Notifications would be delivered to the inbox via email. You may discover more about the procedure by going directly to SiteLock’s sales page. However, you are spending for site inspections, copies, DDoS protection, spyware eradication, as well as a mark to increase client confidence in the web.

Malware Removal For SiteLock


The site is randomly checked once each day. Consider it to be the anti-virus solution for the web application. SiteLock employs what is known as “SiteLock911 checks.” It scans all of the documents on the website to determine if some malware has been put into it. SiteLock can retrieve & reupload the information whether any documents are damaged. It appears to be a straightforward technique for protecting your information however as you shall discover, this is not that straightforward.

Sitelock Protection

I’m never arguing that sites being attacked aren’t a huge deal. However, certain hosts are hacked less often than others. So over decades, I’ve worked on numerous websites & witnessed the nefarious realm of hacking. Many websites are unaware that they’ve been hacked till they receive a notification by Google and someone brings this out to them. Because I only use the WordPress system, I’ve produced an essay on how to scan WordPress against malware.

Is SiteLock Effective?

Sure, SiteLock works, and about 5 million domains having SiteLock placed on them. I would aspire to continue reading regarding SiteLock so I will show readers why we do not require this product.

SiteLock Price

SiteLock comes with a few various decisions. You can simply put a simple emblem on the webpage that’s also “supposed” to drive attackers away.  SiteLock further claims that putting their emblem on the website enhances trust & improves sales by 15%. SiteLock requires no obligations & offers a 30-day risk-free test. Here are some of the various plans available:

Nonetheless, webmasters had stated that repairing single web pages on the site could cost at least $30 – $300. Now, essentially, what I’m saying is that you’re spending SiteLock a subscription fee for protection, but instead your website gets hacked. There’s malware on the website, and you’ll have to spend extra taxes to correct the faulty sites. It doesn’t feel right to me. Many websites were vocal in their dissatisfaction with SiteLock’s commercial tactics.

What Occurs When Sitelock Discovers A Flaw?

Visitors to the site would not be notified if there is an issue. Its SiteLock label would just proceed to reflect the period of a site’s previous successful scan. When the owner of the site is unable to resolve the issue, SiteLock would withdraw its seal from the website & substitute this with a one-pixel invisible picture in few hours. SiteLock would never show users any sign that the webpage has missed a test.

Where Would The Sitelock Clients Control Their Provider?

They could operate SiteLock via the white-label interface provided by OpenSRS, and you may integrate the SiteLock monitoring dashboard into the existing settings menu.

Is It Possible To Increase A Sitelock Maintenance Membership?

Customers could graduate from SiteLock Discover into SiteLock Fix and SiteLock Avoid, or vice versa. It is not feasible to degrade. Whenever a membership is extended, the expiration date is changed to one year at the time the purchase is placed.

Sitelock was accused by one client of using “predatory ownership interests.” What irritated this client, among others, was the purchase of a charge for their assistance in watching & defending the site against malware & hacking efforts, followed by an extra premium of virus eradication in the event of a real attack.  As forceful as Sitelock seems to be with the starting in obtaining you to participate in their roster of paid subscribers, they are remarkably stern whenever it needs to arrive with fixing the dispute whenever the blog is corrupted in actuality, regardless of the efficiency of the care offered and whether you’re a valued subscriber or otherwise.

Sitelock’s client care department has come under fire for always attempting to promote the services rather than answering member issues and virus issues. It appears that everything they care about is obtaining more individuals on the membership list & constantly pushing them to invest money without any benefits provided to those who pay the bare minimum for safety.

SiteLock Final Evaluations

Below is a post I discovered that advises folks to avoid SiteLock. However, this does raise an important point because SiteLock entices you with such a 30-day trial & found it challenging to suspend.

So, whatever do other websites think of SiteLock? To get a solution to this query, I looked on Google & put it into “SiteLock Reviews” but was astounded by what appeared on your first number of results.

I believe there are a few themes and plugins that may use to secure your blog. Many of them seem to be free. Wordfence (with a free app) has been fantastic for me. I simply do not believe SiteLock is worth the cost.  When your website is stolen, you may probably spend cash in addition to the present monthly cost. It’s doesn’t appear to be worthwhile to me.

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