You may have noticed the CodeGuard extension on your hosting provider’s website, such as Bluehost or HostGator. You may have even heard about CodeGuard through a friend or coworker. And now you’re thinking if CodeGuard is a good investment.

Questions may arise as to whether it is really essential to spend for an offsite backup like CodeGuard if there are extra features available. We’re only attempting to make people aware of the six capabilities that are only available through CodeGuard and that you won’t find in other backup solutions or plugins in this post. Before you acquire or reject any service or instrument, you must at least understand what extra one could obtain. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Unused Storage Area

CodeGuard saves your backup files to Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service, which is a third-party data center (S3). You don’t have to pay for AWS storage space here. That’s included in every CodeGuard plan’s pricing.

Other programs and backup plugins provide you the option of storing your data on a third-party site, but you must own the platform! This implies you’ll have to pay for storage space on such cloud services. Furthermore, systems like Uber, Google Drive, AWS, and others provide some free storage, but it’s limited and won’t be enough for frequent automatic backups. Why? In the next section, we’ll look at the answers to that query.

2. Compression that is effective

CodeGuard’s FTP/SFTP backup technique uses clever compression technologies to drastically minimize the size of backup data. Snapshot backups are used by other backup programs and WordPress plugins, which implies your backups will take up a lot more space.

Assume your webpage is 200 MB in size. To save 90 days’ supply of backups using alternative backup solutions that employ the snapshot backup approach, you’ll need about 18 Gigabytes on your cloud service. To host these backups, you’ll need to purchase a paid space plan on a 3rd cloud platform.

However, for the very same 200 MB website, CodeGuard’s FTP backup requires just 1 GB of storage space to store three months of daily backups. You’ll get free storage capacity from CodeGuard anyhow, so you’ll end up saving money.

Google Drive, which costs $1.99 per month, is another third-party supplier that offers the cheapest storage capacity. The basic CodeGuard package, but on the other side, starts at $1.63 per month. Do the math now! For $1.99 per month, you receive simple storage space with Google Drive, but with CodeGuard, you get storage capacity PLUS automated backup, free malware scanning, one-click setup, and many more advantages we’ll go over in more depth later for just $1.63 per month!

Another benefit of utilizing CodeGuard was that it doesn’t generate a backup of the complete website all of the time. It backs up just updated files and databases in some cases. As a result, far less space is utilized.

3. Malware Scanner for Free

MalwareGoneTM, a free virus scanner from CodeGuard, now available. This program scans any website for viruses, trojans, rootkits, adware, and other malware. It not only identifies malware but also enables treatment to remove affected data prior to backup creation. You won’t end up storing corrupted copies of your files this way.

Any other reliable virus scanner from another service would usually set you back at least $5 each month. Of course, free virus scanners are also accessible, particularly for WordPress sites. But this is where CodeGuard stands out: When CodeGuard’s malware scanner eliminates infected files, CodeGuard saves the last version of the destroyed file before it becomes infected!

People who use alternative malware removal programs are put in a bad situation: the scanner destroys the infected file, which includes a lot of valuable data, without providing a simple backup of the file to restore it. You may quickly restore the earlier version of something like the files with CodeGuard. As a result, you won’t lose any essential files/databases as a result of the virus insertion and cleanup.

4. Modification Monitoring & Alerts for Free

This is another fantastic function provided by CodeGuard. It constantly watches your website and provides you notifications if anything changes. With so many expensive backup options available, much less any free ones, this is an unusual service to discover. With continual monitoring, no changes, additions, or removals can occur without your knowledge. It’s a must-have feature for any website run by many individuals, such as co-authors, administrators, programmers, designers, vetiver, and so on.

5. Recovering Data Directly from the Cloud

Straight from its cloud platform, CodeGuard offers a one-click restoration option.

If you believe that all of the free tools make restoration simple, you’re overlooking a significant flaw. If you have a WordPress site, all of the free tools and extensions will allow you to restore it with a single click from your WordPress site. However, at a moment of crisis, this is virtually meaningless. 

Why? Because if a hacker gains illegal access to your WordPress dashboard, they’ll most likely erase your entire site (including backups)! If your hosting company’s server goes down, crashes, or is hacked, both your original website’s files and databases, as well as backup copies, will be lost.

In such cases, you must restore your website alone from a backup saved on your computer or in the cloud. There isn’t a single free plugin or program that provides a one-click restore option from a third-party cloud platform. In any scenario, you must complete the lengthy and difficult manual restoration method.

However, CodeGuard provides a restore option from the dashboard. So, no matter what the outcome to your web or host server, your data will be secure on CodeGuard’s dashboard, where you can also use the one-click restoration tool. That’s a significant change!

6. Customer Service Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

In the IT business, there are several free goods. People, however, continue to choose premium services. Why? Companies accept full responsibility for a service or product when they charge for it. They must give not just high-quality service but then also great customer support to stay in business. CodeGuard’s parent company, Sectigo, offers live customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our support staff can assist you with any questions or issues you may have concerning the installation, backups, or restoration.

Premium services are always worthwhile since they provide assurance that you’re someone on your side and may receive fast assistance in the event of an emergency.

If an unpleasant occurrence occurs, you may contact us right away for assistance in minimizing the damage and restoring your website. That’s all there is to it, guys! We went through everything you need to know about CodeGuard before choosing if it’s worth it. See how CodeGuard stacks up against the competition.

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