Do you have questions like is Bluehost really a good hosting company? Here in this article, we will discuss it in detail. Bluehost is one of the hostings that comes to mind when thinking about hosting services. Is it really what you need and for whom it would be a good fit?

We’ll go through the most significant decision criteria in length later but for now, here it is Bluehost into a summary:

We performed our user evaluation of the best hosting companies & compared our results for every service to appropriately rank everything. Customer service, server availability & affordability were Bluehost’s special advantages.

Whom Is Bluehost Suitable For?

Bluehost is a reputable hosted provider because of its excellent customer service, high uptime, & low-cost starter packages. Bluehost would be an excellent option when you want old-fashioned dependability. 

As a result, we evaluated it as the finest general hosting company in the marketplace.  Bluehost is the finest choice for maintaining the WordPress – these have gained the distinction of finest in WordPress hosted in the analysis, & has recommended Bluehost from 2005. We additionally believe it’s wonderful for publishing photography websites if that would be the thing.

Bluehost Advantages

Dependable website availability: Bluehost provides good-competitive 99.98 percent uptime assurance.

WordPress Integration Is Seamless:

Setting up your WordPress site with Bluehost couldn’t have been easier.

Pricing At The Entry-level:

Even beyond the initial years, rates remain competitive, as well as a range of tiered premium services ensures that there is a reasonable alternative for any site.

Hosting Types & Features

Bluehost provides six main types of web host: sharing, common WordPress, woo-commerce, virtual private server (VPS), handled WordPress, & dedicating. We’ve subdivided the specifics of each option in the Bluehost Cost Analysis, but in essence, the distinctions are as follows:

Shared: The Easiest And Economical Basic Service

Hosted WordPress is the simplest & most straightforward way to manage a WordPress website.

WooCommerce is the most effective approach to host any online retailer using WordPress.

VPS: less expensive than dedicated servers but still suitable for commercial websites that require more than the essentials.

Managed WordPress: far more functionality for your WordPress-hosted site

Additional Bluehost Features

Bluehost’s most striking feature would be its smooth WordPress connection, and it’s far from just one. The remainder of Bluehost’s top offerings are listed below:

Registration Of A Domain Name

When selected individuals register for such a one-year subscription, Bluehost provides them with domain registration. But, that benefit doesn’t cover the domain purchase charge (which ranges around $10 and $15), which you will always need to spend.

Website Creator

For people who seem to possess a concept of whatever they desire to construct but lack the necessary HTML & CSS knowledge, the is a drag-&-drop website generator.


Bluehost employs the “cPanel” Settings Menu, a well-known website management platform. The program also offers complimentary backups to ensure that no important site data are lost.


Bluehost provides 50GB to infinite storage capacity for the website data based on whatever package you choose. If everything you intend to accomplish is to operate a WordPress site with text & pictures the 50GB subscription would be enough because it would require a long time to consume that lot of storage.


We know that many of you are reading our hosting ratings since you are dissatisfied with the existing hosting service and would like to move. With it in view, we investigated how simple it can be to move with Bluehost.

The great news is that it is quite straightforward. There is a do-it-yourself alternative that we will describe briefly below, and you may hire Bluehost to relocate your website for free. There’s a complimentary relocation incentive for eligible websites:

1. Transferring your website to Bluehost

With Bluehost, you could do the conversion yourself as it utilizes the regular cPanel interface, so that could following a basic guideline to converting your site without facing any surprises.

It was a process approach that would take time, as well as folks who lack technological competence may be hesitant to try it.

2. Expenses for website migration

Bluehost promises that there will be no downtime throughout this procedure and that it will be supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For several folks, simply allowing someone to take charge of this procedure would be worthwhile the money

Few hosting companies provide a comprehensive migration solution, so that was a big plus for all of us!

3. Free website migration for (the vast majority of) WordPress websites

Certain WordPress websites are really qualified for free migration to Bluehost! Simply fill out the application on Bluehost’s site after signing up for just shared hosting, or as far as there aren’t some difficult add-ons, a Bluehost specialist would transfer any free site!

Assist & Support

Bluehost is the clear winner in our analysis for client service getting a full 5/5. It offers web chat, email assistance tickets, & telephone help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bluehost’s webpage has a wonderful feature in this it provides immediate solutions to most of the main common difficulties directly mostly on the main help site. When you can’t even figure how to move the WordPress to another server, for instance, you could select another problem mostly on the support page or be provided numerous solutions to correct your problem, along with a support page group chats, as well as the precise contact information you need call.

Whether you’re looking really tech-savvy, it seems to be worth attempting to locate the solution on Bluehost’s help boards. It is generally faster to conduct an individual study and that will eventually include a greater grasp of how organizations work.


Several Bluehost users have complained about the absence of pre-installed functionality. Yes, Bluehost seems to has a great deal to provide but one also possesses to consciously select which one of those products you like on the site – & sometimes at an extra expense.

Last Thoughts

This one a good host? Yes, for cheap shared hosting Bluehost is first in the total hosting ratings, above host giants like HostGator & GoDaddy. Bluehost scores 1 in service quality, secondly in availability, & two in good value in respective events. This is also the popular website option for running a WordPress.

If you prioritize smooth services, you might be best suited using InMotion instead of Bluehost – which we’ve shown Bluehost’s bonuses & extra prices might be unclear.

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